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HND in Fashion & Textile 2018

Written by Fahad

HND in Fashion & Textile 2018 special  women’s  fashion wich include  clothing  fabulous style .

HND in Fashion & Textile 2018COURSE OVER read
The HNC/HND in Fashion and Textiles may be a 2 year qualification designed to equip you with a good vary of inventive and technical skills which is able to enable you to figure as a fashion or textile designer inside the trade. finding out fashion in TMUC can enable you to utilize the marvellous cultural facilities to inspire and develop your work. This course is that the natural progression from the HNC Fashion and Textiles and allows more development and exploration of your studies to indefinite quantity your action to diploma level. This exciting and comprehensive sixteen unit course can prepare you for a career within the fashion and textiles trade. Throughout the course you may gain realistic ‘industrial’ level expertise so as to organize you for the work.
Fashion designers usually add 3 completely different areas: ‘haute couture’, designer ready-made and high-street fashion. inside these areas, they’re going to usually specialize more, for instance in men’s, children’s or attire. The course can give opportunities to develop your personal vision and ideas and explore areas of specific interest to’ll conjointly encourage you to develop your inventive skills. On completion of the course you may be well-versed within the several aspects of fashion style, textile style and production. These skills are going to be complemented by associate understanding of the historical, social, political and, economic influences on fashion style and, a sound data of business and selling principles to confirm a broad understanding of the trade and its organization.
The course offers a broad expertise for fashion illustration and style as well as comes set by associates from trade. Pattern construction, garment production and textile embellishment all play a vital a part of the course. you may be inspired to enter prestigious competitions, to realize placements and employment within the trade, inspired to progress and establish your own label or to still develop your skills to degree level.All students have the chance of participating during a fashion show or position fashion shoot. Fashion students even have the chance to participate in exhibiting at garments Show Live event at TMUC GEW week.WHO is that this COURSE FOR

The course is for college students with some previous educational expertise or personal interest in art and style UN agency have the ambition to any develop knowledgeable fashion textile focus with in their work. The programme can permit you to expertise and develop your data of the style textile style method at intervals the context of knowledgeable studio setting.

The HNC 1st year of the programme delivers all the essential skills you may got to got to work with success within the world of Fashion/Textiles. you may learn essential analysis, style and creating skills at intervals the context of knowledgeable work setting. it’s not essential to come back to the course with these skills however simply a passion to be told and develop yourself and are available out of your temperature.


Advantages of taking a fashion course at TMUC.

Exciting and difficult sensible project briefs, with a powerful educated technical ability base.
Study in one amongst the biggest international Institute in Asian country.
Practical career centered programmes with integrated work expertise
Industry customary fashion studios
Live trade briefs and visiting lecturer
Highly intimate course tutors with robust trade expertise

Machine and hand embroidery
Screen printing for each fashion and interiors
Fabric manipulation and surface decoration skills
Drawing and media exploration in relevance style
Design development
Garment and accent style and production
Knitted and woven textiles
Sketch book development and exploration
Digital imaging and its application in style
Creative analysis and its context in style
Live trade awareness comes together with position firms.
Throughout the course you may be inspired and radio-controlled to develop your own apply by combining sensible skills, drawing and style development and therefore the awareness of its application at intervals the artistic industries. you may learn a broad vary of skills which is able to be applicable to a range of artistic career pathways.

TMUC (Best University for Fashion planning in Asian nation) Fashion Incubation Centre could be a rag trade development program designed to support consequent generation of fashion entrepreneurs in Pakistan graduating from TMUC. The mission is to assist grow and sustain the companies of the scholars learning Fashion and Textile Programme over the course of the 2 years.

TMUC Fashion Incubation Centre can give an artless skilled setting to foster promising fashion talent, and facilitate Learners grow and sustain their businesses. By providing free style studio house, business mentoring, instructional seminars, ANd networking opportunities the program provides some way for participants to achieve their full potential and become an integral a part of the Asian nation fashion community. For additional info on approaching Fashion displays, Fashion shout outs and Fashion Parades.

For booking Fashion Studio contact

Course Structure
If you wish to check fashion ANd textile with an eminence on creative and sensible aspects of styles and clothes within the fashion and textiles trade we have a tendency to suggest you decide on the subsequent units.

Core units
Visual communication in Art Ideas Generation& Development in Art Contextual & Cultural Referencing in Art Professional follow in Art Project style, implementation HND SPECIALIST UNITS
Design Exploration in textile
Design application in textile
Techniques and processes in fashion
Drawing techniques and method A & D
Cultural understanding in fashion
Communication with pictures in art and style
Production techniques in fashion planning
Digital image creation and development
Fashion promotion and selling
Fashion photography
Personal and skilled development




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