How To Start a Blog Beginner’s Guide for 2018

Written by Fahad

How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2018 Full tutorial  will teach you how tl start a successful  Blog and how to be grown on blogging  platform.

How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2018


So, you want to start a blog huh? Great idea!

But…how the euphemism does one get started? There’s most data out there on the net, and everyone’s telling you to try and do various things. WHO does one listen to? Where’s the beginning point?

Damnit, perhaps you ought to simply forget it – it’s too confusing!

Well, hold up. I accustomed be a blogging newcomer too. I had constant issues. I started my journal ( manner back in 2006, and that i knew but nothing concerning blogging. in truth it had been solely the week before I’d learnt what a journal was.

Now i do know a lot concerning them, and my blog’s doing pretty much – I receive over three hundred,000 distinctive guests per month that makes American state think about myself somebody you may hear and learn from once it involves building your own journal. I’m not some kind of Guru, however I definitely do grasp the fundamentals.

I promise it’ll be straightforward, comparatively simple, and positively simple to know (no stupid jargon). Sound good?

Awesome, let’s progress.

Why you must produce a diary and be part of the blogging community
So below, I’m about to define precisely what you wish to try to to to induce started and came upon your own personal diary. Before we have a tendency to dive in although, i actually wish to speak concerning WHY you must build a diary.

Note: If you have already got a solid plan of the whys, then skip this and go right ahead with the guide.

Blogging has quickly become one in all the foremost fashionable ways in which of human activity and spreading data and news. There are actually variant blogs on-line (don’t worry, you’ll create yours stand out and acquire noticed!).
It’s a good thanks to categorical yourself and conjointly an incredible thanks to share data with others.
You become a much better person and a much better author.
The best reason? you’ll create cash doing it!
I bet you already knew all of that, however it’s nice to be reminded.

One final issue before we have a tendency to get started:

Disclosure: This guide to beginning your own diary contains some affiliate links. If you get a service through one in all these links i could earn alittle commission, this can be at no further price to you.

The Steps lined during this Blogging Guide
It’s obscurity close to as troublesome as fixing an internet site from scratch (there’s little or no technical ability required here). In fact, there’s no secret writing needed by you. Good news, huh?

How to begin a web log in five Steps:
There’s 5 main steps you would like to try and do so as to begin a web log. If you follow this guide specifically, you’ll have your own web log got wind of in half-hour or less.

Choose a good web log platform
Choose an internet host for your web log
How to got wind of a web log on your own domain
Design your new web log
Useful resources for blogging
So, we made it. Phew. higher late than never! therefore, while not more commotion, let’s jump into step one.

Step one – select your most well-liked blogging platform
Choosing wherever you would like to make journal is just about the primary factor you’ve got to try to to. I’m planning to take a leap and assume you’ve detected of WordPress, and this can be the platform I advocate. It’s huge.

It’s far and away one in every of the most important blogging platforms within the world, with uncounted plugins and add-ons and virtually infinite ways that to style and layout your journal.

There area unit quite eighty two million active users of WordPress = plenty, basically.

How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2018

There square measure different alternatives but, and that they square measure listed below:

Blogger – undoubtedly consequent smartest thing to WordPress.
Tumblr – [*fr1] social network, half blog. attention-grabbing, and extremely straightforward to use.
Even though WordPress is larger (and in all probability better) than those 2, here square measure my reasons why you must still go along with WordPress:

Super straightforward set-up and is unengaged to use.
There’s a colossal support forum just in case you mire (you won’t, however it’s nice to possess it there if you wish it).
Your journal are insanely quick and it’ll additionally look practicality and type – perfect!
People will move with you simply. Your content may be shared, commented on, and so on.
Here’s a piece concerning totally different blogging platforms (including WordPress), provides it a read:


How to select a Blogging Platform – (updated for 2018)

Now, Step two (see, we’re moving quick now!)

Step two – Self-hosting or a free alternative?
Whoa, weigh down there! this can be the most important call you’ll got to build before we tend to go any more. you would like to make a decision whether or not to get your diary or grab a free one.

WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger all supply free blogs for anyone. Awesome, right? It’s good for those folks United Nations agency aren’t super serious regarding blogging. however it will have downsides:

1) You won’t be ready to get your OWN name

On a free diary, your blog’s net address (your URL) are butt-ugly. Like, very ugly. In short, produce a free diary with the other the higher than free diary services and it’ll appear as if this:
I know, ugly right?

2) Limits and a lot of limits

There area unit some limits to free blogs. You can’t totally decriminalize it, and you don’t have the chance to transfer all those videos and pictures you wish to indicate everybody – it’s all restricted. Worse still, you won’t even have access to the free themes offered by WordPress.

3) You DON’T OWN your diary

It might sound silly initially, however you don’t truly own your diary. It’s hosted on somebody else’s net property and that they will delete it if they need thus. they need done thus within the past, and keep doing it within the future. which implies all of your toil on your diary, all those infinite hours of writing diary posts may be nonexistent among seconds. Sad…

On the opposite hand, with a self-hosted diary on your own name – you’re the $64000 owner of your diary. You’ll be ready to name your diary no matter you wish, for instance “” or “ you’ll finish it with .com,, .net, .org, or nearly the other net suffix. boost that unlimited information measure for videos, pictures and content and the free themes and you’ve got a winning dance band.

So what quantity is hosting and a website name? Not the maximum amount as you’re thinking, as luck would have it. it always works bent regarding $5 to $10 per month, betting on your hosting supplier that is a smaller amount than a few of coffees.


Step three – begin a journal on your own domain (if you selected self-hosting and a custom domain)

How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2018


I’m reaching to push ahead supported the premise you’ve chosen WordPress, and if you haven’t, you should. Seriously, it’s the simplest.

If you’re still a bit confused by what a self-hosted web log is, permit Pine Tree State to clarify and the way you’ll be able to approach setting one up for yourself.

You’ll ought to come back up with a website name you prefer and additionally select a hosting company that may host your web log.

Domain: The domain is essentially the address of your web site. Examples: ( is that the domain), ( is that the domain). See? Simple!
Hosting: Hosting is essentially the corporate that puts your web site au fait the net thus everybody else will see it. Everything are going to be saved on there. think about it as a laptop hard-drive on the net wherever your web log are going to be saved.
Personally, i take advantage of iPage (for my web log domain and hosting), and I’ve got nothing however good items to mention regarding it. It’s most likely one amongst the most affordable (less than $2.50 per month) hosting suppliers out there. a website name can price around $10-15 a year, however with iPage they throw that certain free :). massive smiles for that! They’re the suppliers i take advantage of for all of my blogs, as well as the one you’re reading immediately.

If for any reason you don’t need to travel with iPage, be at liberty to decide on your own hosting company. Most, if not all of them, ought to have a “one-click” WordPress install resolution on their admin panel.

That button can mechanically install WordPress on your web log. Did I say it had been easy or what?

All you would like to try and do is register with iPage (or your chosen provider), select your hosting set up and a website name and appearance for the one-click WordPress install button on the admin panel.

WordPress necessities aren’t typically required, however I’d suggest whois privacy (that can keep all of your personal details private) and positively machine-controlled backups (this’ll save your web site simply just in case something fails or disappears, thus you won’t lose any or little of your blog).

I have a additional in-depth tutorial on

Once WordPress is put in on your web site, all you have got to try and do to start out blogging is attend your WP-Admin page typically and begin writing by adding a replacement post.

At the beginning, the layout appearance confusing, however it gets terribly comprehensible quickly. Don’t worry!

Step four – coming up with your WordPress diary
Now, the fun bit.

Let’s build your diary look precisely however you would like it to. to decide on a replacement theme, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} either head to look > Themes and install a free WordPress theme otherwise you can head to a premium theme web site like and purchase a topic for around $40.

I typically opt for one thing that appears skilled and pretty straightforward to customize. WordPress conjointly has this awing feature that enables you to vary themes with simply many clicks. therefore if you begin obtaining uninterested in your current diary model, you’ll simply switch to a different one while not losing any precious content or pictures.

How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2018

Remember, your blog’s style ought to replicate each you and your temperament, however additionally what the web log is regarding. There’s no purpose having a football-orientated theme if your web log is regarding court game, understand?

On high of that, it ought to be straightforward to navigate if you wish folks to stay around. If it’s tough and troublesome to maneuver around it, folks won’t keep. style may be a subjective art; which means everybody likes various things.

But nobody likes ugly websites, and that they particularly hate websites that require a university degree to navigate. create it straightforward for them.

For additional reading, I’ve place along three web log posts regarding coming up with your web log. be at liberty to see them through.

Step five – helpful Resources For Beginner Bloggers
Bloggers come back to blogging arena with varied degrees of on-line and social media expertise, however we’ve all created quite many tyro mistakes – there’s invariably space for a lot of learning and improvement, whether or not you’re a beginner or you’ve been blogging for years.
And that’s it! I’m quite assured that your initial journal discovered ought to currently be finished and prepared to travel, and every one that ought to are very damn straightforward (unlike my initial time, lucky you!). If you’re having any issues putting in WordPress on iPage then this guide could facilitate.

If by some unfortunate circumstance you grind to a halt or have any queries on behalf of me regarding a way to produce a journal, simply get in grips with American state or leave a comment below. I’ll assist you out with any issues.

Enjoy your new blog!



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