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In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional

In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional. This post is a little long, but if you give me 15 minutes of your attention, I guarantee I can make your online appearance more professional.

My name is Fahad and I’m an editor.

I’ve been a specialist for a long time working with different organizations, commercial centers, understudies, experts, columnists, business visionaries, marketing specialists, travel gateways, bloggers, performers, and every single other feature of authors.

On the off chance that you’ve presented a post here at BIGBLOGER, you may have had an experience with me. A portion of those experiences may have been positive, and others, well, perhaps not really.

First, let me start off by answering this question:

  • What is an editor?

Editors are essentially grammar nerds.

We look to ensure that everything the essayist is stating is said in the most appealing way that could be available.

Be that as it may, not every person has a good conclusion of editors.

Here’s the reason:

  • They nit-pick.
  • They change words and expressions that you think didn’t should be changed.
  • They’re frequently inconsistent with your creative vision.

Be that as it may, there’s one thing you have to recall:

  • Editors are journalists, as well.

I am an author. Truly, I’m significantly more of an author than a proofreader. I’m just a “supervisor” since I’ve had a lot of frightful experiences with editors and I realize that I can improve.

(I’m likewise a sentence structure geek.)

So as an essayist, I realize that my emphasis is on giving an imaginative explanation. My composing is my specialty.

In comes a supervisor…

In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
Don’t touch my art, bro.

Rather than taking a gander at the imaginative estimation of the work, editors are more worried about the expert tasteful.

In principle, journalists and editors ought to have the capacity to work in flawless concordance; every one backings and upgrades the other’s vision.

But since editors are additionally scholars, they have their very own masterful vision. This is the place the strain comes in.

A decent editorial manager can discharge their very own masterful twist and spotlight exclusively on featuring the creative magnificence of the essayist.

As a manager, that is my yearning.


Subsequent to altering more than 100 posts (and checking) at BIGBLOGER, I’ve had the delight of perusing some lovely bits of composing, and a few, eh, not as much as excellent pieces.

As I proceed with my walk here at SML, I’m exceptionally lowered by the estimation of this network. We are on the

whole blemished people progressing in the direction of some vision of “accomplishment”.

In business, “achievement” comes masked under the shroud of “polished skill”.

However, most business visionaries are less centered around being “proficient” and more centered around doing the thing they feel constrained to do.

This is honorable, but on the other hand it’s feasible harming your “proficient achievement”. Focusing on the “proficient” parts of business, while regularly dreary, is something which you have to do.

  • You have to do it each snapshot of consistently.

So how would you turn out to be more “proficient”?

Happy you inquired!

Throughout the years, I’ve distinguished three simple things which everybody can do to influence themselves to seem more “proficient” while seeking after an online vocation (regardless of whether you really are “proficient” is totally insignificant).


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#1 Pay Attention To Grammar

In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
Graminivorous? Good thing we have this dictionary…

Presently, it ought to be said, I am 100% completely mindful this is a fundamentally non-local English talking blog.

A greater part of the patrons here are non-local English speakers, and that is thoroughly cool. I can’t start to reveal to all of you how stunning I think multi-linguality is.

In the meantime, many, many, MANY, local English speakers have appalling language structure.

  • So this point isn’t to single out non-local speakers.
  • I was in school and peering survey a logical research paper from a schoolmate. I really believed that individual was rationally debilitated before I understood they simply didn’t know how to compose.

Not having the capacity to compose easily isn’t a reflection on your own character, however it comes crosswise over as suuuuuper amateurish.

As a local English speaker, on the off chance that I go over a blog with awful English (even slight clues of awful English), paying little respect to how profitable the data might be, I will hit that “back” catch and will discover a blog to peruse with better English.

But since I’m a proofreader (and an essayist), I comprehend what’s going on.

  • Most online clients don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s occurring. They don’t process terrible punctuation deliberately. They realize that “something is off” and they will take off.
  • Generally, you won’t have the capacity to set up your power on the grounds that your client won’t confide in you.

To place it in blogging terms:

The client unearths your site however can’t explore to the data they need in light of the fact that the sentence structure is a broken connection giving them a 404 mistake making them leave which builds your skip rate.

There have been incalculable (I. Mean. Endless.) articles online about:

“The (embed number) most basic English punctuation botches”.

In case you’re hoping to enhance your English punctuation, you should look at them.

This post isn’t that, yet just to continue on pointlessly, we should complete a concise outline.

Here are 5 basic language structure botches:

  1. 1-It’s versus its
  2. “It’s” signifies “it is”. It’s a hot day.
  3. “Its” infers ownership. The mid year has its hot days.
  4. 2-There versus they’re versus their
  5. “There” infers area. It’s over yonder.
  6. “They’re” signifies “they are”. They’re running a marathon.
  7. “Their” infers ownership. Their auto is overheating.
  8. 3-Semicolons

Individuals love semicolons. I don’t point the finger at them.

Semicolons are amazing. Be that as it may, just when utilized effectively. Else, they look awful and I cry. Kindly don’t make me cry…

This is the most straightforward way (maybe a bit too shortsightedly) to clarify semicolons:

Semicolons are an approach to join two independent, however related, sentences without beginning another sentence.


I’ve heard that young ladies like folks who know how to utilize semicolons; what’s going on with I?

When all is said in done, semicolons are a bit much. Rarely will I as a proofreader say, “A semicolon would be pleasant here”.

On the off chance that you don’t completely get a handle on the nuances and complexities of semicolons, it’s smarter to not utilize one.

4-Run on sentences and commas

I will now show a keep running on sentence with inappropriate comma use:

Individuals get a kick out of the chance to believe that utilizing commas some place in the middle of a square of content, at apparently irregular focuses will help transform that long square of content into a significantly more absorbable and effectively comprehensible portion of dialect, yet will just make it trying for the peruser to peruse, and make it hard for anybody perusing this to really comprehend, what it is you’re discussing, and despite the fact that your aim is great, I’m here to let you know, it is difficult to peruse, which you can presumably see with your own eyes.


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In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
Ok, wait, just, need, breath…

Keep running on sentence

Alright, pause, simply, require, breath…

  • Try not to do this. It looks awful. It looks extremely awful.
  • There are times when kept running on sentences are important, however 99% of the time, they are definitely not.
  1. On the off chance that you can state the sentence in one breath, it’s a decent sentence.
  2. On the off chance that you require various breaths, odds are it’s unnecessarily running on.

Likewise, commas are not breath marks.

In the event that you play music, you may realize that breath marks are noted by a punctuation (‘).

This isn’t the manner by which commas work in composing. While commas may infer regular delays in discourse, they are considerably more nuanced and unpretentious than that.

  • While I’d love to state “(this) is the most widely recognized misstep with commas”, I can’t.
  • A few people abuse commas.
  • A few people never utilize commas.
  • A few people simply couldn’t care less about where they put commas.
  • Every one of the three of these situations aren’t right.

I could talk for quite a long time on the correct utilization of commas, yet for the time being, I’ll give you this asset to peruse.

So, there are sure ambiguities with commas.

Particularly in casual composition (i.e. blog composing), abusing commas isn’t just ordinary, it’s every so often useful for copywriting (to a degree).

In any case, keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend this, you have to comprehend what a comma is and how to appropriately utilize it.

Additionally, there’s no genuine agreement with respect to certain comma rules.

For instance:

  • This, this, and this.
  • This, this and this.
  • Both are in fact amend.
  • It’s not vital which one you utilize, but rather it’s critical to remain reliable (see point #2 underneath).


Capitalization is somewhat similar to a semicolon; it appears nobody knows how to do it appropriately.

Three times to underwrite:

Toward the start of a sentence.


Formal people, places or things.

Note: There are some British/American contrasts, however we should disregard that until further notice (see #2 beneath). Additionally, headings and titles ought to be promoted. It’s dependent upon you how you need to do it, yet remain predictable (… see #2 underneath).

Reveal to me what ought to be promoted in the accompanying sentence:

I am taking a seat now at the Café doing My work expounding on How to compose Copy effectively.

  • Just “I”.
  • That is it. Nothing else.

Three things to recollect:

On the off chance that it’s not beginning a sentence, don’t underwrite it.

On the off chance that it’s not “I” as in “I am accomplishing something”, don’t underwrite it.

In the event that the word is anything but a particular name of something, don’t underwrite it.

  • John versus him
  • Passage Mall versus the shopping center
  • India versus nation
  • The New York Stock Exchange versus money markets

In like manner, do underwrite formal people, places or things, “I”, and words at the prompt front of a sentence.

It’s not debatable. Those three things should be promoted.

(Indeed, there are a few ambiguities concerning what is a formal person, place or thing, yet in these uncommon cases, see point #2 beneath.)

If you don’t mind note: There are two schools of English (American and British) and a few unique styles (logical, business, blog, and so forth.). Distinguish your crowd and compose for them. Precedent: SML utilizes American English, yet I have an individual contempt against certain American syntax rules (like accentuation stamps inside quotes), so I disregard them and alter likewise. What’s more, this is a blog which implies the style is “casual”, so I am permitted to begin a sentence with “And“.

Once more, I perceive this is a non-local English blog, however in case you’re blogging in English, you should have the capacity to compose easily. In the event that you can’t do that, you won’t have the capacity to express what is on your mind. It’s as straightforward as that. This is vital.

It resembles in the event that I needed to be a specialist, yet I quit going to restorative school following a year and just observed some different specialists performing medical procedure for a long time.

At that point I resembled, “Better believe it, I’m thoroughly prepared”.

I would, (best case scenario) not be a decent specialist.


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In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
Nurse, hand me the… uhh.. knife thingy…

Being a Professional

Medical attendant, give me the… uhh.. cut thingy…

  • What you can do-
  • In the event that you don’t feel good writing in English, there are 4 things you can do:
  • Contract an author (with astounding sentence structure).
  • Contract an editorial manager (with far superior sentence structure).

Concentrate English (on the web, meetup gatherings, college courses, private coach, and so forth.).

Utilize a comprehensive syntax apparatus (like Grammarly, Ginger, Grammarcheck, and so on.).

Remember that these devices are PC calculations and output for “what assumed be correct”. I can’t disclose to you how often I’ve seen that red squiggly line underneath a sentence in Microsoft Word just to understand that Word was not understanding the sentence/setting/grammar and also I was understanding it.

In case you’re ever in uncertainty about a sentence structure manage, you can simply ask Google.

Google knows all.


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#2 Stay Consistent

This point is less worried about your authority of dialect and has more to do with what it says in regards to you as an expert.

  • Consistency is critical.

That is basically my mantra throughout everyday life. Everything spins around that announcement.

Without getting into overwhelming philosophical themes, in the event that you can be steady, you can be effective.

That last explanation is so essential, I will state it again with a tweetable connection:

In the event that you can be steady, you can be effective.


precedents of how to be reliable when composing duplicate:

– Lists

Point: If you are composing a rundown and you begun by numbering your rundown, don’t change to projectiles part of the way through.


  • “3 Ways to Do Something”
  • #1 This way
  • 2-This way

Along these lines


  • #1 This way
  • #2 This way
  • #3 This way

Or then again

  • Along these lines

  • Along these lines

  • Along these lines

Or then again

  • 1-This way
  • 2-This way
  • 3-This way

It doesn’t make a difference which you pick. What makes a difference is consistency.

Point: If you’re composing a listicle with outbound connections, don’t make the main connection a projectile and after that envelop the following connection by sections. (Side tip: If the item is called YouTube, don’t compose Youtube.)


Download YouTube here

<Download Snapchat>


Download YouTube here

Download Snapchat here

Or then again

<Download YouTube>

<Download Snapchat>

It doesn’t make a difference which you pick. What makes a difference is consistency.

– The Oxford/arrangement comma

Once more, we’re back at the strange comma.

Point: Decide in the event that you need to utilize the Oxford comma. (Note: I utilize it. Why? Since I just picked one method for doing it and have remained reliable.)


This, this, and this. (Later in the article… ) This, this and this.


This, this, and this. (Later in the article… ) This, this, and this.

Or on the other hand

This, this and this. (Later in the article… ) This, this and this.

It doesn’t make a difference which you pick. What makes a difference is consistency.

– Capitalization

Point: As said prior, here and there upper casing can be equivocal when managing certain formal people, places or things and headings/titles. Again, simply stay with one style and never show signs of change.


I utilize the web each day. The Internet is awesome.


I utilize the web each day. The web is awesome.

Or then again

I utilize the Internet consistently. The Internet is awesome.

It doesn’t make a difference which you pick. What makes a difference is consistency.

– American/British

Point: If you’re utilizing British spelling, don’t change to American spelling halfway through the following passage.


She displayed to the association the shade of her dress.


She displayed to the association the shade of her dress.

Or then again

She displayed to the association the shade of her dress.

It doesn’t make a difference which you pick. What makes a difference is consistency.

Particularly with this point, I’ve heard the contention that you’re “speaking to the two markets”. That is genuinely moronic.

You’re not speaking to the two markets. You’re seeming to be not realizing what you’re doing. It says, “I’m wishy-washy and don’t know how to submit”.

In the event that I unearth a blog with British spelling, I don’t take off. Or maybe, I begin perusing that duplicate in a British pronunciation. I accept British individuals begin perusing in an American intonation when they read my blog.

It doesn’t trouble an English speaker to peruse something nonexclusive (i.e. not area particular) in the other English standard as long as the English is understandable (see point #1 above).


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Top 10 steps to start your business

Pick one English standard and stay with it. Make your whole blog fall under that classification.

In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
Thanks, bro… Cheers, mate…

-Back to grammar

Point: If you begin writing in current state, don’t move to past tense and afterward back to current state.


I’m strolling down the road and I saw that it was a hot day today.


I was strolling down the road and I saw that it was a hot day today.

Or then again

I’m strolling down the road and I’m seeing that it’s a hot day today.

It doesn’t make a difference which you pick. What makes a difference is consistency.

Point: Write your duplicate utilizing first, second, or third individual, and don’t transform it anytime amid the content.


A blogger can adhere to these directions and you will profit by them.


A blogger can adhere to these directions and he/she/they will profit by them.

  • Or on the other hand
  • You can adhere to these guidelines and you will profit by them.
  • It doesn’t make a difference which you pick. What makes a difference is consistency.
  • I think you get the point.
  • Consistency is, essential.

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a component mistakenly, in the event that you utilize it reliably, in any event, it’ll make it appear as though you attempted.


When I originally came to SML, our dear companion Harsh had me alter a few pieces where he was inappropriately utilizing a word which had a relatively inverse significance to the word he needed to utilize.

At first, I thought it was a grammatical mistake. In any case, nope, he was mixing up the word completely. Be that as it may, accursed in the event that he didn’t utilize it convincingly!

In any case, this isn’t to single out Harsh. His English is superior to anything numerous Americans I know.

The reality he blazingly went into an obscure region and set out to go out on a limb despite the fact that he might not have been 100% agreeable.

The word itself was immaterial. The manner in which he utilized the word with consistency said more in regards to his character than anything particular to his dialect abilities.

It stated:

“Standards be cursed! I’m a person who is striking, brave, and pushing my own limits to accomplish the things I need throughout everyday life”!

That is a sign of polished methodology. (Additionally, after I disclosed to him the word was extraordinary, his sense of self did not get injured. Rather, he expressed gratitude toward me for redressing him. That is likewise a sign of polished methodology.)



In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
The tree can’t grow without the seed.

#3 Proofread

This. Is. So. Critical.

But then, not very many individuals do it.

I’m an essayist. I abhor editing.

Huge numbers of my companions are journalists. They additionally abhor editing.

My unsuccessful author companions don’t edit. They say, “It’s ideal the first occasion when I compose it”. That is for what reason they’re jobless.

My fruitful author companions do edit. They say, “Gotta ensure it’s ideal”. That is for what reason they’re utilized.

Editing can be a passionate bad dream.

You’ve quite recently spilled out your musings onto a PC and are going to demonstrate the whole world your assessments/learning/vulnerabilities. You only sort of need to get it over with and seek after the best.

Be that as it may, this methodology is past idiotic.


In such a case that you edit, you are GUARANTEED to discover botches.


In each bit of composing I’ve ever altered in my expert life, there have been something like 5 sentence structure/spelling botches. In any event.

What’s more, it doesn’t simply stop at sentence structure.

  • On the off chance that something sounds terrible and unbalanced, you have to dispose of it.
  • On the off chance that you haven’t clarified something completely, it’s bad, and you have to return and clarify it.
  • On the off chance that there’s an abused word, don’t accept the crowd will “realize what you implied”. You have to settle that.

The last point is especially disturbing. On the off chance that I see an abused word, I know you didn’t try to edit.

Models of abused words (all taken from visitor posts here at SML):

  • “This is the best approach to ace uncommon media”… Uhh, you signify “internet based life”?
  • “Pursue these means and you’ll be a tip essayist”… Uhh, you signify “top author”?
  • “Look at this new apple”… Uhh, you signify “new application”?

… and there are such a significant number of something beyond…

Autocorrect is a presumable guilty party of these errors, yet autocorrect isn’t a reason. On the off chance that you had edit your work, this sort of blunder could never have been distributed.

Another way I will know you didn’t try to edit:

Copy content!

I don’t know how or why (I figure it might be something with WordPress’ dashboard), however there’s sooooo much copy duplicate littered crosswise over extremely amateurish sites.

I remember altering a distributed (!!!) blog entry that had a similar passage composed 5 times. 5 times!!

This is the thing that that resembles:

  • I am composing this section to show what not to do. Not on the grounds that it’s a precedent
  • I am composing this passage to exhibit what not to do. Not on the grounds that it’s a case of what you ought to do, but since you ought to never do it. On the off chance that
  • I am composing this passage to show what not to do. Not on the grounds that it’s a case of what you ought to do, but since you ought to never do it. On the off chance that
  • I am composing this passage to exhibit what not to do. Not on the grounds that it’s a case of what you ought to do, but since you ought to
  • I am composing this section to exhibit what not to do. Not on account of it’s a case of what you ought to do, but since you ought to never do it. In the event that you edit your work, this will never occur.

Ask yourself, does this look proficient?

In the event that you can’t be tried to edit your duplicate, how might I be tried to confide in you with my cash?

In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
I didn’t check my CC information before I gave it to you, but it’s probably OK…

Here’s the substance:

You. Need. To. Edit.

No less than twice. In any event.

  • I jump at the chance to state:
  • In the event that you’ve perused it and you’ve discovered a blunder, you have to do somewhere around one more read through.
  • Just distribute (or submit) when you’ve perused it and it’s immaculate.
  • I’ve perused this piece through 9 times. Just on the ninth time was it “satisfactory”.

On the off chance that you aren’t editing, you are DEFINITELY appearing to be amateurish. Ensured.

When I alter, I make a point to do no less than two unpleasant peruses, and afterward somewhere around one last “front-end” read through.

TIP: It is so essential to complete a “front-end” read through. You will, ensured, see botches that you can’t find in the back-end. Now and again there’s an additional space in the middle of words. Once in a while on the off chance that you intense or emphasize a word before an accentuation stamp, that accentuation check gets lost (this occurs with SML).

Truly, you have to peruse your duplicate, yet you likewise need to ensure that your duplicate is shown and organized appropriately.

Suppose you went over a site and the content was covering, or the textual style shading was concealing sure words. You’d most likely consider this to be mega amateurish in light of the fact that all it would’ve required was for the website admin to complete a front-end verify that there are some significant issues.

  • Check everything from each edge. Continuously.
  • On the off chance that it’s not flawless, it’s not prepared.


Building Professionalism

I don’t need you to be debilitated by any of this.

As an editorial manager, I will likely improve you. In the event that you feel none of this applies to you, if it’s not too much trouble ignore it.

Yet, in case you’re not seeing the sorts of transformations you need, or you know there’s something that is “off-putting” about your business, there’s a high likelihood that you’re seeming to be “amateurish”.

As I would see it, around 80% of self-evident “unprofessionalism” on the web is because of the over three points.

I’m only giving a study since scrutinize is a such a vital piece of any creative/enterprising undertaking.

  • No awesome craftsman has ever gone from 0 to popular without being scrutinized to the point of absolute insensibility.
  • No business person has ever had a thought and executed it to flawlessness without the valuable investigate of a guide.
  • Each book at any point composed has experienced a progression of alters by a group of editors.

This is the procedure.

Gain from your missteps and you won’t just be more effective, however you’ll be path in front of the opposition that is reluctant to pick up anything new.

In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional
This guy knows what’s up.

As a craftsman myself, I’ve needed to take in the most difficult way possible how to take helpful feedback. On the off chance that I let it hurt my conscience, I won’t progress and my craft will endure. On the off chance that I take a gander at things impartially, I can obviously observe the best strategy.

On the off chance that “headway” is my objective, testing my very own inner self is normally the street to take.

Alright, truly, this was an indulgent post, yet it’s critical.


As a result of three things:

  • Your creative undertakings (blogging/business/composing/and so on.) are imperative.
  • The evaluate you have to hear keeping in mind the end goal to develop is imperative.
  • The self-reflection you have to show with a specific end goal to gain from your mix-ups is critical.
  • On the off chance that you completely comprehend these three stages, polished skill will follow.

I promise it.

What is your opinion about this? Which one of these three points do you battle with the most? I’d love to hear your musings in the remarks beneath.

Did you discover this guide valuable? Offer it with your companions on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!



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