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New Oppo F9/F9 Pro Phone review 2018 in An Other Instalment

New Oppo F9/F9 Pro Phone review 2018. is yet another installment in the hugely popular Oppo mid-range series. It’s the first phone in the family with a dual-camera on the back and backtracks on the screen cutouts by moving to a tiny waterdrop notch.

New Oppo F9/F9 Pro Phone review 2018

New Oppo F9/F9 Pro Phone review 2018 in An Other Instalment

You have most likely detected we tend to area unit mistreatment the F9/F9 professional inscription for this review and there’s a reason for that. Oppo has chosen a rather awkward approach to the naming of its mid-ranger.

In Bharat – one amongst the key markets for the F-series – the F9 is offered in 2 versions. there’s the F9 professional with 6GB of RAM, a 25MP selfie camera and VOOC flash charging, and also the regular Oppo F9 with 4GB of RAM, a 16MP selfie shooter, and no VOOC charging.

Yet in each alternative market Oppo is commerce solely the F9 however with specs matching the Indian professional version(6GB, 25MP, VOOC). So, the phone we tend to got for review is named F9, however specs-wise it’s similar to the F9 professional as seen in Bharat. we tend to hope this clears it up and we’ll talk to the phone as simply F9 from here on.

Looking on the far side the confusing naming, the Oppo F9 is really a really enticing phone that comes with the stylish gradient paint jobs freshened with star or diamond patterns.

The internals ar well chosen too – the Helio P60 chip has already tried as a solid mid-range entertainer, you get a dual-camera on the rear with bright lens and a brilliant high-res selfie snapper. Add the big battery with VOOC support and it’s sort of a nice package. Sadly we have a tendency to ar still seeing a dated microUSB port.

The Oppo F9 is additionally among the primary to return with the most recent and toughest to interrupt great ape Glass half-dozen. The new glass is shatter-proof for a dozen of drops from one meter, supplying you with some welcome peace of mind.

Oppo F9 (F9 Pro) specs:

Body: great ape Glass half-dozen body, plastic frame, 156.7 x seven4 x eight millimeter, 169g

Screen: 6.3″ 2,340 x 1,080px (19.5:9) LTPS IPS alphanumeric display, 409ppi, notched

Chipset: MediaTek Helio P60 chipset – octa-core processor (4×2.0 gigacycle per second Cortex-A73 & 4×2.0 gigacycle per second Cortex-A53), Mali-G72 MP3 GPU

Memory: four or half-dozen GB RAM, 64GB of storage, (dedicated) microSD slot

Camera: Dual: 16MP (f/1.8) + 2MP for depth sensing, section detection autofocus; 1080p @ 30fps video

Selfie cam: 25MP (f/2.0), 1080p video
OS: golem eight.1 oreo cookie with ColoOS five.2

Battery: 3,500 mAh, 20W VOOC flash charging

Connectivity: twin Nano-SIM; microUSB (USB a pair of.0), Bluetooth four.2, GPS, GLONASS, FM radio

Misc: Rear-mounted fingerprint device, bottom-firing speaker unit, 3.5mm audio port.

The Oppo F9

The Oppo F9 stopped wanting implementing the under-display fingerprint reader of its vivo V11 first cousin, however at now of the event of the technology it’s unclear if we should always count that against it. The F9’s rear mounted sensing element might lack the geeky attractiveness, however is always-on, accurate, and blazing-fast – 3 belongings you cannot say for the V11’s reader.

We have the cool Twilight Blue model of the Oppo F9 professional for this review and it is time we tend to proceed to take out it.

Unboxing the Oppo F9

In addition to the Oppo F9 unit, you’ll be obtaining a VOOC-compatible microUSB cable, the 20W VOOC charger itself, associate degreed an EarPod-like receiver. The non-VOOC supporting non-Pro Oppo F9 in India comes jam-choked with a 10W regular charged instead.

Oppo F9 review

The Oppo F9 retail box conjointly includes a soft clear case for a few additional protection. And even supposing the phone is protected with the newest pongid Glass six, Oppo remains applying screen protectors in its factories, simply just in case.


If your desire a stunning mid-range smartphone needs to be stunning and an immediate center of attention, the Oppo F9 is that the right device for the task.

The almost bezelless front could be a welcome sight and therefore the waterdrop-like notch is way less objectionable than the big cutout on the F7. It wastes so much less screen estate and a few may even argue that it’s sort of a cool accent. Oppo F9 review.

Just do not place an excessive amount of religion in those official press renders as they show the screen going nearly edge to edge, that isn’t quite the story in real world. Still, the F9 offers a number of the very best screen-to-body ratios within the value vary and that is already a large issue the phone has going for it.

Upon nearer look next to the 25MP selfies camera you’ll be able to additionally notice a little aperture for the proximity detector.

The electro-acoustic transducer grille is sort of invisible up at the highest – mediate the frame and therefore the show itself.

Moving on to the rear, the Oppo F9 manages to impress once more. A gradient paint job, a diamond-like pattern, and besides the Oppo brand – no inscriptions to spoil the appearance.

The colors additionally amendment counting on the obtainable lightweight with our Twilight Blue model going from lightweight cyan to blueness and even black. The shimmering diamond pattern is clearly visible if enough is out there however disappears nearly utterly within the dark.

Oppo F9 review

The same is valid for the Sunrise Red model, tho’ it’s a small amount flashier with a palette of lilac, pink, orange and red.

The sparkling Purple incorporates a ton in common with the vivo V11 – it additionally incorporates a gradient within the purple shades, however rather than a diamond pattern it’s little dots, that appear as if thousands of stars.

The always-on fingerprint scanner and therefore the dual-camera square measure the sole things of real interest at the rear. The snappers square measure among one junction rectifier flash and whereas it all forms alittle hump, it is not sufficiently big to form the phone wobble.

The Oppo F9 is among the primary smartphones to form use of Corning’s toughest pongid Glass so far – the sixth revision. It’s alleged to survive a dozen of drops from up to at least one meter.

Oppo F9 review
The frame holding those items of pongid Glass, is formed of plastic however painted within the same cool gradient because the back, sans the diamond-pattern, of course. it’s a shiny end and is slippery, however its slightly line and therefore the bulging screen enclosure improve the depth of the phone and facilitate give tight overall grip.

The Oppo F9 has everything as so much as property options square measure involved – there’s a three.5mm audio port and it options a triple card slot. The latter accommodates 2 nanoSIMs and a microSD card slot, therefore you will not ought to make a choice from dualSIM practicality and memory enlargement.

The only disappointment is that the old-school microUSB slot, however it supports VOOC flash charge, therefore a minimum of from a practicality position it is not regrettable.

The Oppo F9 spreads at 156.7 x seven4 x eight millimeter and weighs 169g – nearly identical footprint to the F7, however 11g heavier.

Handling the Oppo F9 could be a pleasure, however not as immersive as watching it. you’ll be able to tell the frame is plastic, and therefore the grip is mediocre. The F9 is additionally a fingerprint magnet and can|it’ll} be unclean all the time – maintaining those nice appearance will take some effort, we tend to square measure afraid.


The Oppo F9 packs a vi.3″ IPS alphanumeric display screen of 1080p resolution with a awfully good constituent density of 409ppi.

The native resolution is one,080 x 2,340 – that is nineteen.5:9 side – one in every of the tallest among the foremost recent smartphones. whereas we have seen different screens of such tall quantitative relation, they usually have abundant larger notches, therefore the usable space remains shut the 18:9 quantitative relation of time. Here but the waterdrop notch leaves a lot of of the peak offered to the UI.

The Oppo F9/F9 professional show verified to be a superb entertainer in our show take a look at, pumping out north of 520 nits of most brightness. Combined with the deep blacks the F9’s show denote a superb distinction of 1800:1. The minimum brightness of three.4 nits is additionally nice, which means you’ll be able to well use it in complete darkness.

Display test 100% brightness

Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast quantitative relation
Oppo F9 0.29 526 1814

Oppo F7 0.228 446 1956

Oppo R15 Pro 0 410 ∞

vivo V11 0 418 ∞

vivo V7+ 0.289 515 1782

Xiaomi Mi A2 0.277 420 1516

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 0.385 488 1268

Honor Play 0.414 470 1135

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 0.314 461 1468

Oppo Realme 1 0.35 423 1209

Oppo Realme 2 0.286 411 1437

Xiaomi Redmi Note five AI twin Camera 0.28 530 1893

The Oppo F9 did well in our daylight legibility take a look at, posting a fine score for AN alphanumeric display panel. In real-world terms, the telephone set remains dead usable outdoors.

Sunlight distinction quantitative relation

Sort by LabelSort by Value Expand

Oppo R15 Pro4.251

vivo V114.113

Xiaomi Redmi Note five AI twin Camera3.393
Honor Play3.349

Oppo F73.333

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite3.087

Oppo F93.069

Xiaomi Pocophone F13.059

Oppo Realme twenty three.006

Oppo Realme twelve.932

Xiaomi Mi A22.696

vivo V7+2.671

The color rendering is everywhere the place with a median deltaE of vi.9 and most deviation of twelve.3 at purpose white – the screen features a noticeable blue tint and everything appearance colder than it ought to be. If you set the colour temperature all the thanks to hotter finish of the temperature slider, you will get a new correct color presentation with a median deltaE of four.9 and most deviation ot seven.8 at purpose white (still towards blue).

Battery life

The Oppo F9 is high-powered by an outsized three,500 mAh battery. It offers Oppo’s custom resolution referred to as VOOC Flash Charging and needs exploitation the bundled 20W charger and special cable jazz group, which might be limiting.

The 20W adapter will bring the Oppo F9 battery from third to regarding fifty seven in around half-hour, that is sort of speedy.

The Oppo F9 scored a superb lead to our battery take a look at with a 94-hour Endurance rating. It did a good job altogether tested eventualities – video playback, calls, internet browsing and even stand-by performance.

Our endurance rating denotes however long one battery charge can last you if you utilize the Oppo F9 for AN hour every of telecommunication, internet browsing, and video playback daily. We’ve established this usage pattern, thus our battery results square measure comparable across devices within the most typical every day tasks. The battery testing procedure is delineated very well just in case you are fascinated by the nitty-gritties. you’ll be able to conjointly inspect our complete battery take a look at table, wherever you’ll be able to see however all of the smartphones we’ve tested can compare beneath your own typical use.


There is one speaker on the Oppo F9, and it’s at all-time low. It denote a awfully sensible score in our loudness take a look at – 2db keep of the superb mark. The sound quality is great with made and deep sound.

Speakerphone test Voice, dB Pink noise/ Music, dB Ringing phone, dB Overall score
Honor Play 68.3 73.8 75.8 Good

vivo v7+ 66.5 73.1 79.6 Very sensible

Oppo R15 Pro 69.7 73.5 76.6 Very sensible

Xiaomi Redmi Note five AI twin

Camera 68.4 71.6 84.8 Very sensible

vivo V11 70.7 73.8 80.7 Very sensible

Oppo Realme 2 66.4 71.6 87.2 Very sensible

Oppo Realme 1 64.8 70.5 89.9 Very sensible

Oppo F7 68.0 73.8 84.8 Very sensible

Oppo F9 71.7 74.4 81.6 Very sensible

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 70.6 74.0 86.1 Excellent

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 72.8 74.7 86.6 Excellent

Xiaomi Mi A2 89.5 72.2 89.8 Excellent

Audio quality

Oppo F9 did nice once hooked to a lively external electronic equipment – it delivered terribly loud output that was dead correct too. there is extremely very little else we have a tendency to may need here.

Plugging in a very combine of headphones delivered a blow to volume levels, that unsuccessful to average levels. Some intermodulation distortion and a moderate quantity of stereo XT crept in too, therefore the performance isn’t extremely value writing home regarding here. It ought to still do exactly fine if you’re not a large audiophile, though.

Test Frequency response Noise level

Dynamic range THD IMD + Noise Stereo XT

Oppo F9 +0.05, -0.07 -92.8 92.8 0.0016 0.0073 -92.1
Oppo F9 (headphones) +0.19, -0.50 -92.0 91.8 0.0090 0.380 -51.9
vivo V11 +0.02, -0.06 -92.7 92.7 0.0014 0.0071 -92.1
vivo V11 (headphones) +0.29, -0.18 -93.6 93.5 0.011 0.295 -54.9
Xiaomi Mi A2 +0.02, -0.06 -91.6 91.6 0.0018 0.014 -95.3
Xiaomi Mi A2 (headphones) +0.08, -0.12 -92.6 92.6 0.0028 0.120 -69.0
Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) +0.07, -0.03 -89.7 89.9 0.0060 0.201 -91.7
Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) (headphones) +0.22, -0.21 -91.6 91.0 0.016 0.305 -56.2

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